Often customers will say ‘they are not worth the paper they are written on ‘ and generally we would agree with this. They are mostly insurance backed warranties, as the insurance company and the warranty company both expect profits from these, also the IPT tax has just gone up again so this is making them very expensive for the client.

As well as the cost, we find customers constantly complain that the warranty company’s wriggle, typically saying “no that’s not covered as it is wear and tear and the part required can be obtained much cheaper , the hourly labour rate is too high” etc.

This is why we offer our own in house warranty which is tailored to suit you,  our customer, depending on the age, mileage and length of time you require the warranty cover for.

Our main aim is that if your vehicle develops a fault, as any vehicle can regardless of cost, mileage and age, then we want to have it rectified quickly with minimum inconvenience to yourself!

All vehicles when sold have a pre delivery inspection, Service, MOT where required and full workshop road test before delivery.

We also carry out general service work, bodywork repairs and paintwork.

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